Multiple Teams · MS Baseball ’20-21- Info From Coach Evans

MS Baseball Families,

My name is Ron Evans and I will be the head coach for the Arete Prep Middle School Baseball team in the upcoming Winter 2020 Season.

We will get started this Friday, 12/4 with a practice from 4:00-5:30pm at Spinnaker Park/Field in Val Vista Lakes:

Practice Location

I have been coaching in Gilbert National Little League since 2010 and have been a member of the board of directors since 2012.

I focus on these 4 core principles at all games and practices: 

  1. Respect the Game
  2. Respect each other, the umpires and your opponents
  3. Be on time, work hard, and hustle everywhere
  4. Have FUN!!!!

This is a competitive division, meaning we are playing for that Championship at the end of the Playoffs! With that being said, I am more focused on coaching and development than winning. I can’t guarantee we will win every game nor any games, but I can guarantee the season will be a positive experience for every player on the team. This is middle school baseball, not the pros.

Everyone will play the field in every game and I will do my best to make sure we have the right players in the right spots to ensure we have the best chance of having a winning season.

Please make sure that if your player is going to miss a game, you let me know as early as possible so we can make roster adjustments.

Pitch counts are a very important part of the season. I will be keeping a close count on every players pitch counts to make sure we are not wearing out their arms. If your player pitches during a game, please make sure they are resting their arm for the next few days. If you have a player that is on a club ball team, I need to know as far in advance as possible if and when they may be pitching in a game.

I don’t want to get to the end of the season and have pitchers that can’t throw because their arms are worn out. I have seen it time and time again where the best pitcher in the league, can’t throw at all during the playoffs because they threw too much during the season. No one wants to see that happen.

Please let me know if your player is a season pitcher and or catcher.

We will need several pitchers and at least 2 catchers preferably 3.

We need the following for practice and games: 

  1. Wear baseball pants
  2. A glove, Bat if you own one (not necessary), and a helmet. There are no bat restrictions for the GHMSL
  3. Baseball Hat
  4. Wear baseball cleats – rubber cleats are fine and metal spikes are allowed.
  5. A great attitude: Players ready to work hard and play harder – Parents ready to cheer and encourage the team!

I am very excited to get started! Email or call me with questions.

Finally, a few things we will need for the season. 

  1. Team Photographer – all parents are encouraged to take photos and share with the team and the school.
  2. A great cheering section at all the games – our kids love to play the game and positive cheers, no matter what happens on the field, reinforces that more than anything else. Remember, they aren’t professional athletes, they will be hard enough on themselves when they make a mistake. We are there to build them up.
  3. Please try not to “coach” from the stands – my job is to coach and develop – your job is to cheer and support.
  4. Please do not criticize the umpires, yes the occasional “COME ON BLUE!” is fine, however that’s it. They may (will) make mistakes and we will not agree with all of their calls. I will be sure to talk to the umpires on any questionable calls, but do realize that they rarely change their minds.

If at anytime you have any questions about the game don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for your understanding on this.

If you do want to coach and help out on the field, and I will need some help, please let me or Coach Todd Conklin know and we will get you the necessary paperwork.