Multiple Teams · 2019 Charger of the Year Spotlight: Risa Fish

Congratulations to our 2019 HS Female Charger of the Year, Risa Fish! 

Risa earned two Varsity letters in her season year at Arete Prep, captaining both the court and beach volleyball teams. In the fall, Risa continued to lead the rising Charger Volleyball program, earning 1st team All 1A East Region honors. Arete Prep qualified for the region tournament, and also for their first AIA State Volleyball (1A) tournament. She was the unquestioned leader on the court, always guiding teammates to make positive decisions and teaching them to respond well to adversity. In the spring, Fish teamed up with partner Faith Youkhana to lead an inexperienced beach squad at the 1’s position. The pair won the first few matches in APA Beach history, and competed well all season, often going up against 3 and 4A competition.

In total, Risa earned 6 Varsity letters at Arete Prep; 4 on the court and 2 in the sand. Risa excelled in the classroom as well, finishing with a 3.83 unweighted GPA. Her impact stretched far beyond the court and classroom as well. Risa was a leader in generating positive campus culture, spirit, and comraderie. She could often be seen at other sporting events supporting her fellow Chargers and encouraging others to do the same. Her positivity and enthusiasm were contagious and helped her leave a lasting impression on her peers, our faculty, coaches, and future Chargers.

Next up for Risa includes attending Barrett, The Honors College at ASU and studying Justice Studies. She then plans on going to Law School.

What will Risa remember about competing for Arete Prep Athletics?

“Going into 6th grade I had never played volleyball before and wanted to try something new. By doing this, I found a sport that I absolutely love and have gotten to learn and grow from over the past 7 years. Playing volleyball helped me become more involved in the athletic community and make some of my favorite memories. It helped me develop into a leader on and off the court which I am very grateful for.”

What advice does Risa have for future Chargers?

“I recommend that all Arete students play a sport or join a club so that you can immerse yourself in an activity that helps you learn and grow.”

Congratulations to our 2019 Female Charger of the Year recipient, Risa Fish!

“Change the Culture!”