Chargers News · Become a Better Athlete This Summer- Sports Performance Camp Starts Next Week!

Are you looking to improve your speed, agility, change of direction, and overall athleticism? Do you want to prevent injury? Then join us for…

Sports Performance Camp: Become a better athlete this summer!

Instructor: Nathan Beck, Arete Coach, PT at EOS Fitness, PT cert through ACE, B.S in Nutrition, 4 year Collegiate Basketball Player

Grades: 5-12

Dates: 6/3-7/26

Times: 10:00-11:30am

Cost: $100 for the entire summer!

Location: Arete Prep Gymnasium and Campus

Description: Our 7 week Athletic Performance Camp is a camp geared towards making you the best athlete you can be!

– Classes 3 Days a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
– Monday and Friday are Strength, Speed and Agility
– Wednesdays are Injury prevention and Conditioning
– Classes will be taught utilizing resistance bands and mostly body weight
    – It is recommended for High school athletes to utilize weight training along with this camp to help get the best results!
– We focus on the mechanics and movements that are used in all sports.
– The key focus of this camp is ensuring injury prevention, for a longevity in our athletes, no matter the age.
– Worst mistake an athlete can make is believing they can do it on their own, let us help them become their best!
Registration deadline is Tuesday, 6/4, don’t miss out!