Multiple Teams · Middle School Student Athletes: PCA Triple Impact Competitior Workshop 1/9

The Great Hearts Network has partnered with PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance) to provide our schools with up to 5 workshops in 2018-19. PCA offers a variety of workshops to benefit student athletes, coaches, and parents.

Arete Prep’s third PCA workshop will be held for ALL (fall, winter, spring) Middle School student athletes. It will take place on Wednesday, January 9th from 2:30-3:30.  All 2018-19 Middle School Charger Student Athletes are expected to attend. The workshop will take place in the gymnasium.

“Becoming a Triple Impact Competitor”

This workshop for student athletes teaches them how to become a Triple-Impact Competitor, impacting sport on three levels by working to improve oneself, teammates, and the game as a whole. Improving oneself draws on the principle of Mastery of Sport, where emphasis lies on effort, learning, and bouncing back from mistakes; improving teammates ties to Filling Emotional Tanks with the right mix of truthful, specific praise and constructive criticism; and improving the game as a whole means advancing the sportsmanshiop values by Honoring the Game

Our hope is that student athletes leave the workshop equipped with the information and inspiration necessary to lead in our school’s hallways and use their influence to set examples throughout the community that generate pride and support for our school’s athletics program. 

Go Chargers!