Multiple Teams · Arete Preparatory Academy Girls Middle School Basketball B beat Chandler Prep 12-10

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

4:00 PM

Chandler Prep

Arete Preparatory Academy

Game Recap

We started the season off to a good start and finished the season well too. This last game was definitely the one we most looked like a team. Each girl was aggressive and wanted to get the ball. We attempted more shots this game than any other game, and almost every athlete on our team attempted a shot. Every girl was getting rebounds and passing the ball to break through the other team’s press. We even got a few shots off by pressing them towards the end of the game. Four of our girls scored baskets in our game: Avarie scored 2 points, Cecilia scored 4 points, Claire scored 2 points, and Rachael scored 4 points. All but 2 of our points were scored in the second half of the game, which shows how we don’t give up even when we are losing at first. One last shout out to Cassie for having a couple of good steals toward the end of the game to make sure we had possession of the ball and congratulations Rachael for scoring a critical shot at the end to secure our victory. Way to go team!